MtB & TTO Funk Factory Geuzeria and Untitled Art
Coming to Saint Petersburg on June 21st is Levi Funk, founder and chief brewer of two American projects: Funk Factory Geuzeria and Untitled Art.

Funk Factory Geuzeria is a collective out of Wisconsin focusing on wild Belgian beer styles. Beginning in 2011 with a single lambic barrel, today Levi Funk fills 80 barrels and three foeders – whenever one of his fruit lambics launches online it sells out within 60 seconds.

Not content to settle for one style, Levi joined with a friend from Octopi Brewery to found Untitled Art, a project dedicated to enduring classics: IPAs, stouts and sour ales with twists involving hops, fruit and barrel aging.

Levi Funk will be taking over the taps on June 21st, delighting all oncomers with spontaneous experiments from Funk Factory Geuzeria along with classics from Untitled Art. He'll be at Mayakovskaya 23 sharing with us about the trials of Belgian beer manufacturers in the US, as well as what the romance of spontaneous fermentation is all about.

Tap Takeover Funk Factory Geuzeria & Untitled Art
Meet the Brewer Levi Funk

When: 8pm, June 21st.
Where: KIOSK bottle shop & taproom (Mayakovsky 23)

If you're looking for more about Levi Funk, check out this article. For more details on the event on June 21st check out the Facebook event.
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