Transcontinental release of Took a Wild
In keeping with tradition, each festival season brings with it a new limited edition, experimental barrel variety. This year's happens to be a sour cherry farmhouse ale we called Took a Wild.

Its story started a year and a half ago, when we took some wort fermented with Saison yeast and shipped it to a five-ton foeder barrel courtesy of maestro Campari from Birrifico Del Ducato. After 365 days we cranked it open and pumped it into a chamber along with 200 kilograms of fresh cherries, with and without pits. We let it sit for another five months and, in 2019, we knew its hour had come.
A seasoned farmhouse ale with a noble, slightly acetic sour cherry flavour softened by the wine tones of the foedara – don't miss it at this year's main festivals and at our headquarters on special occasions!
On March 8th we'll be presenting it at St. Petersburg, FL, at the Foeder for Thought showcase, as well as in St. Petersburg, RU, at Bakunin cafe on 2nd Sovetskaya 25A.
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