Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend 2019
On May 3, the Bakunin on Tour flag will be hoisted above Estonia's capital during the Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend 2019, where we'll be sharing eight of our brews for two days at the main festival event in Northern Europe.

From premiere exclusives to international collabs, from progressive colleagues the world over to being instantly sold out, we've come to expect all this and more from one of the region's key beer events. From May 3-4 we'll be at Kultuurikatel with these gems on tap:

Fibonacci | American Double IPA | 8.0%
Overcrushed | Passion Fruit & Raspberry Sour Ale | 4.5%
Took A Wild | Sour Cherry Farmhouse | 6.0%
Amphiprion | Sea Buckthorn Sour Ale | 5.5%
Волна (Volna) | Micro IPA | 3.0%
Apricot-Ed Terminal (Collaboration with Oxbow ) | Apricot Sour | 6.9
Юбилейный (Yubilejnyj) | Anniversary Sweet Imperial Stout | 13.0%
Pop Core | Brut IPA | 7.2%

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