Laughing Sam Home Brewing Competition
Last Sunday, a local but significant event took place at Bakunin's headquarters: the final of the Laughing Sam Home Brewing Competition held jointly with MirBir.
Thanks to all the participants – together we'll be developing this project so it goes even further, higher and stronger. We're excited to announce the results and congratulate this year's winners!

1st place: D. Ivanov, Nizhny Novgorod – 126 points
2nd place: M. Golubev, St. Petersburg – 122 points
3rd place: P. Ratnikov, Moscow – 115 points
4th place: A. Pavlova, Tula – 114 points
5th place: A. Tareev, St. Petersburg – 112 points
6th place: A. Posreyaev, Moscow – 103 points
7th place: P. Ivanov, St. Petersburg – 95 points
8th place: Yu. Fokin, St. Petersburg – 93 points
9th place: A. Vinogradov, St. Petersburg – 92 points
10th place: A. Evchenko, S. Gavrilov, A. Belousov, St. Petersburg – 90 points
11th place: K. Polukarov, Moscow – 89 points
12th place: D. Smirnov, Zelenogorsk – 88 points
13th place: E. Ishkhanov, Rostov-on-Don – 86 points
14th place: A. Oshuev, St. Petersburg – 83 points
15 place: S. Vasilyev, St. Petersburg – 77 points
16 place: S. Kritsky, St. Petersburg – 76 points
17th place: L. Gorbacheva, St. Petersburg – 69 points
18th place: Ya. Sangalov, Krasnogorsk – 66 points
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