We're going to Foeder for Thought
We decided to celebrate the first days of spring in Saint Petersburg – not the one where we're from, though. We're heading to St. Petersburg, Florida!

After several years of experimenting with wild fermentation and barrel aging, our OnTour team is on it's way to the 6th Annual Foeder for Thought showkase on the far side of the Atlantic. Think six hours of workshops and tastings with breweries like Funk Factory, Guezeria, Jester King Brewery, Speciation Artisan Ales and more.
Many thanks to our friends from Green Bench Brewing Co., who invited us to take part in the event as part of Tampa Bay Beer Week 2019!

For several years this festival's been held with support from the Good Beer Hunting podcast, which puts together informative dispatches over airwaves everywhere, so don't miss it! There'll be plenty to write home about.

Sunny Florida, a whole day of major craft and a lotta reasons to let loose.

Come on down in person and catch the latest and greatest from our American tour. Don't forget to tune into Good Beer Hunting!
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