Bakunin is a young brewery founded by three craft enthusiasts: Alexander Romanenko, Yury Mitin and Vladimir Naumkin. Some of us grew up in and around the brewing industry, while others have worked for more than 15 years behind the counter.

Our history began with a meeting in the small, now famous Bakunin Bar in Saint Petersburg.

We started as amateurs with a contract to make a single brew, but thanks to our enthusiasm and ambition we grew to a company that's already released 150 different types of craft beer.

We value tradition and know the ins and out of beer culture. Our expertise is reflected in our approach to production: when we make a new craft variety, we don't compromise to save a buck. For us, taste and style are everything.

We've been travelling through Europe for a number of years now. We've exchanged notes, experience and technologies with dozens of leading Old World breweries. Think rare yeast strains, the art of barrel aging, working with natural berries and fruits – all this has allowed us to produce a wide range that's proven compelling not only to craft bars but classic pubs and brasseries too.
We don't like paying attention to borders, or standing still. We're always looking out to the next horizon – having laid a solid foundation in Russia, we've continue our story with rich and compelling collabs with the most progressive partners across Europe, Scandinavia and America.

To date, our creative geography has gone like this:

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